Monday, June 4, 2012

School's Out for Summer

Another school year is ending, closing the door on my momcation until August 29 when it cranks up again. Ever the obsessive planner, I just ordered some navy uniform scooter skirts for the new 6th grader in our house. Izod makes a no iron version she just loves and last year when I tried to get some more once school started, they were out of stock for so long that I finally just gave up.

Last weekend, when she should have been studying for final exams, the teen had dance team recitals.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it all ran smoothly.  Dance team over here is VERY different than dance team back in Texas.  Probably the biggest difference is that the girls choreographed all but two of the dances for the recital.  

I've been working on this post for several days and have finally given up on adding the not-so-great quality videos we made of the teen dancing.  For some reason, blogger keeps giving me an error message even after I tried all of the tricks in my admittedly very limited repertoire.  Therefore, you'll have to be subjected to my rather blurry pics even though I had the good camera on the movement/action setting.

The hip hop dance below was choreographed by the teen's friend Taylor.  It's not my daughter's favorite dance genre, so she never puts her all into it because she's more self-conscious.

The pic below shows the teen in one of the three dances that included the entire team.

This last pic is of the teen, her best friend Emily and their friend McKenna, a boarding student who is moving back to the US with her family this summer.

I think prepping for the recitals was even more challenging than back in Texas where the dance teacher takes care of everything - music selection, costuming, choreography and lighting.  I think it has been a great learning experience for the teen... different, but in a good way.

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