Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jonathan Livingston

I kept hearing some raucous squawking coming from the trees in the backyard this afternoon rather than the usual sedate birdsong.  Sure enough, I looked out and up to see a seagull perched on a limb.  I was wondering how on earth it got here and then I recalled we're only about 50 miles from the south coast of England.  

With the crazy winds we've had the past couple days, gusts in excess of 50 mph reported at Heathrow, I can't help but wonder if the bird got blown off course.  I took the dog outside for a potty break, thinking I might get a closer look, but that scared the gull and he took flight.  Maybe he'll hook up with the transplanted Canadian geese residing in a pasture over near the girl's school with the adjacent ski lake for a quick dip.  Or maybe some of the swans on the Thames.  

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