Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Pulling My Leg

It's turn around time here at Casa Expat.  We had a great trip to Poland last week and now we're getting ready to head out to Disney Paris so we can meet a childhood friend of mine and her son for an overload of all things cute and sing-songy at the happiest place on the planet (per their PR dept).

While we were in Poland, the teen got my goat with a faux vocabulary funny.  We were discussing the fact that Krakow has the second greatest concentration of Catholic churches, only exceeded by Rome.  Seriously... there were two of them just on our block in the old town center where the hotel was located.  And an outline of the remains of one that was dismantled about 150 yrs ago.

St. Andrew's church above, built in the 12th century, was used as a fortress during Mongol invasions because the walls are a couple meters thick in the lower part of the structure.

The pictures above and below are of Sts. Peter and Paul church, the view out of our hotel window.  I took the above shot our first day when it poured buckets from the sky, with temps in the low 60s, and we slogged around in wet shoes all day.  

The picture below was taken on our last full day when there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was a balmy 85.  This church was built in the early 1600s.  I love the statues of the 12 apostles who adorn the pedestals along the front gate.

And now back to my little story.  We had also seen many nuns and priests on the streets, particularly younger members that appeared to be in their 20s.  The talk turned from priests to monks and the teen said that the monks live in a monkery.  When I started chuckling and said I would have to write that down so I could remember to include her latest little language gaffe in the blog, she told me she knew the correct word was monastery and had flubbed it on purpose.  Getting smart (assed) in her old age, isn't she?

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