Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20K miles in one month

For the second time in a month, we've traveled back across the Atlantic to England.  We returned to wet weather, but that's no big surprise.  I must admit I like the January appropriate temps over here rather than the upper 70s we were unprepared for while in Texas for three days.  

The girls have returned to school this morning and I will head into London in about 30 minutes to go visit the Kenya Embassy.  Their tourist visa application is a brief one page.  All I have to do is show up in person between 9:30 and noon to pony up the completed form, a visa photo, our passports, copies of our travel itinerary/confirmed flights to Nairobi and £30 each for the younger daughter and I. Then I just return a mere 72 hours later to pick up the Kenyan travel visa they've attached in our passports.  Easy peasy!

We're almost unpacked from yesterday.  A mere six loads of clothes later, I'm more or less caught up with the dirty laundry.  About all that remains are the two carry on pieces of luggage with the important stuff.

The teen is a member of Operation Smile at her high school, a group that fundraises to help support doctors who perform cleft palate surgery on children in third world countries.  Her group is holding a valentine themed fundraiser and so we hit the stores in Texas to gather up some highly prized American candy to be sold next week along with the baked goods.

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