Sunday, January 6, 2013


Three days ago I was feeling terribly superior because I stayed up all day Thursday since we arrived that morning on an overnight flight from Texas.  While the girls piled up in their beds for long, on-and-off siestas until late into the afternoon, I stayed busy and only dozed off once for about 30 min when I took a break on the couch.

Now I'm not feeling so terribly intelligent anymore because my strategy to thwart the jetlag didn't exactly work.  I slept like a hibernating bear Thursday night, waking up Friday morning at 9:00 am after eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep.  The teen went into London with a friend for some ice skating and even extended an invite to her 6th grade sister, even though her ulterior motive was to have the younger one snap pics of the girls skating at Hyde Park's final days of winter wonderland.

While they were gone, I sat down to watch a bit of TV with the dog and dozed off for more than an hour.  I thought I was all good until we hit 9,10,11 and then 2:00 am before any of us were tired enough to attempt sleep.  And thus we slept until close to noon on Saturday and didn't roll out of bed until 10:30 am this morning.

Classes resume for the girls tomorrow and I need to get busy putting up the holiday decor, in addition to beginning their passport renewal process as well as arranging for yellow fever vaccinations and tourist visas to Kenya.  I'm all about fun stuff these days.  So yeah, we're all gonna be dog tired and it will be a really long day since the alarm will go off at 6:15 am tomorrow morning.  

However, we're gonna muster some enthusiasm because it's the first day of the last semester of high school for the teen.  The next semester she begins will be her freshman year in college this fall.  *sniff, sniff*  All senior parents received an email yesterday about buying the expected half page in the school yearbook to publish a special message to them, including some pictures from when she was a little girl.  My how the years have passed in the blink of an eye.  You can't wait for them to walk and talk and start school and then they're getting ready to leave the nest and you wonder why you seemed to wish it all away, looking forward to each milestone that gets you one step closer to them beginning their own lives.  It's a surprisingly tearful thing to contemplate, especially since I'm not a particularly sentimental sort, but I'm gonna continue to wish and hope that each step into her future will be bright and shining.

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