Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

After much ballyhoo about the possibility of accumulating snow today, the girls awoke to nada, zip and zilch of the fluffy white stuff.  However, about an hour after they left for school, it really started coming down out there.

I kept Ollie home from doggie daycare and made a run to gas up the SUV (it has four wheel drive and can handle the snow better than the little hatchback) plus buy some groceries.  Lordy, lordy, you would have thought we were entering the next ice age based on all of the folks at the store stocking their pantries.  The worst case scenario described by the BBC weatherfolks was a whopping 4" of snow. However, the Brits weren't taking any chances.

I received a text from the school that they're dismissing classes early at 1:30 today.  Since the girls aren't around to enjoy the snow with me while it's still falling, I took my furry son out to play.  

He absolutely loves it and is now pacing between the window in the stairwell, glass paned french door leading to the back patio and back of the couch in the bay window of the family room, whining because he wants to go back out into the snowy landscape. I can just imagine what I'd be hearing if the little beast could talk... Just one more time, mom, five more minutes, please, please, please. I won't ask you for anything else.  So typical of boys his age.

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