Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

An ounce of prevention was pretty pricey yesterday at a travel clinic in London, where I had to shell out £425.  There are places around the city that specialize in providing health services to folks traveling abroad.  I had booked an appointment earlier in the week for the girls and I Saturday afternoon, so we braved the leftover snow and trotted over to a pretty little area off Oxford Street.  All visitors to Kenya must show yellow fever vaccination certificates in order to enter the country, and so the three of us lined up like ducks for it.

The nurse was really sweet and knowledgeable.  She has lots of family living in the US and we had a nice time chatting with her.  Each of us received yellow fever vaccinations plus anti-malarials.  I also got two other shots, the DPT cocktail and typhoid.  I can't even recall the last time I had a booster of anything and have no desire to return from our Africa trip with a communicable keepsake.

Now all we have to do - besides travel to Texas on Thursday so the girls can get expedited passports - is get our visas for Africa at the Kenyan embassy in London once we return from our little passport trip.  That will be the final hoop we have to jump through before departing on our photo safari. 

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