Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Realizing that we needed local currency in Kenya for tipping purposes during February's photo safari, I went online and ordered some for our trip during the upcoming winter break.  Figuring £750 would be sufficient for a week long visit to Africa, I dropped by to pick up the Kenyan shillings this morning.  

Accustomed to the crappy exchange rate from American dollars to British pounds every time we move over some of the husband's salary for living expenses, I was a bit shocked to receive a mafia-sized wad of cash.  While £750 will get me $1200 to spend in the US, that same amount of pounds translates to 96,000 Kenyan shillings.  

I was afraid my purse wouldn't be big enough to hold the huge envelope of Kenyan cash I was given.  I made it home with my 96 one thousand shilling bills.  I must admit, they are rather attractive... especially the wildlife on the back.

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