Wednesday, November 18, 2015

29 and counting

Those folks that are all aghast when they hit the next big reunion year crack me up. Call me crazy, but it seems like eons ago since I was a senior in high school. Lord knows my body, head to toe, tells the story of the past 30something years. 

I can't help but think it would have been cool if we'd had social media back in the day because I'd love to know what I was up to on Nov. 18, 1985. That was the fall of my senior year in a tiny little town in southeast Texas. Had I received my college acceptance letters yet? What were my plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? What had I done recently with my best friends? Were we planning to cruise the drag this upcoming weekend in my 1971 baby blue VW Beetle with no air con or AM radio, being like totally cool with the emergency brake engaged and not realising it? Oh yes, I was one of THOSE teens. Might as well have worn a nerd herd sign permanently affixed to my back.

The reunion committee has already set the date of Oct. 22 for our big 30th. That gives folks plenty of a heads-up to try and lose a few pounds. Maybe take care of those forehead wrinkles. But let's face it, there's no way to turn back the clock to resemble our younger selves. So maybe we should just dive in feet first and give out cheesy, warts and all awards for the real class of '86. Who looks just like they did in high school or has been married the longest - do we really care? Here are a few examples of awards that would be waaaaay fun and probably appropriate for some of our alums.

Most Likely to Be Trawling for a 4th or maybe 5th Husband/Wife
Most Likely to Have a Big Belt Buckle Hiding Beneath a Tremendous Beer Gut
Most Likely to Plan all Family Events Around Hunting Seasons
Most Likely to Think I'm Still a Hottie When it's Obvious I'm Nottie
Most Likely to Have a Lift Kit on my Truck Just like I did in High School
Most Likely to Have Less than Half of my Permanent Teeth in my Mouth
Most Likely to Still Live in the Same House as I did in High School
Most Likely to Be a Bit Be-yotchie in Middle Age

That last one is mine!

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