Sunday, November 22, 2015

HOCO 2015

Back in Texas, we called it homecoming. Over here, they call it spirit week. The 9th grader was fine with dressing tacky, in her pyjamas or in the class colour so long as she got out of wearing her school uniform for the entire week. She said they had a pep rally on Wednesday during advisories, which I would have loved to see. Since this is our second expat stint and I knew this week would be in the line up, I mentioned it might be fun to purchase/ship over the items to make homecoming mums. Small ones rather than the ridiculous, over-the-top sort found at all Texas high schools. It's a southern thing, but I thought the daughter might enjoy sharing our local custom with her friends. I guessed wrong on that, per the sigh and eye roll I received upon making the suggestion.

Here she is in front of the fireplace, posing for a pic before she and her best friend were dropped off at the school dance. They went stag, but that's no surprise. At her American-International private school, there are only 100 kids in 9th grade. About 50% of them are American, so that means there are about 25 American boys in her class. And not one of them worked up the nerve to invite the daughter or her best friend. Of course, I much prefer that over being all snugged up with some hormonal high school Casanova. 

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