Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ms Michelin 2015

I've always liked quilted jackets... from afar. On model thin folks that can wear multiple layers and still look adorably stylish. As a life long member of the hearty appetite club, I realised at a young age that it's best to stay away, miles away, from any article of clothing that adds weight to my frame.

When you're a little kid, the rolls are cute. Not so much when you hit the mean middle school years and beyond. 
Since we're back in cooler climes these days, I decided to go in search of a nice, mid-priced quilted jacket that wouldn't pack on the visual pounds. After considering several options, I decided on the Barbour brand. If it's good enough for Queen Elizabeth and the rest of her royal tribe, then it's good enough for me.

I opted for a lightweight and very moderately priced version in black since that colour goes with everything and is slimming.

I ordered the jacket online and it was delivered in this lovely green box. I thought it was cool they included the royal warrant stamped on the lid. It's nice to think about Lizzie spending the last umpteen years tramping around on one of her country estates in the same brand, though no doubt pricier version, of the same coat I wear to walk the dog and toodle to the grocery store. 

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