Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seasonal Potty Humor

Yesterday I put up Christmas decor in the house. No need to wait to enjoy it since we don't have to get Thanksgiving's turkey decor out of the way later this month. I had the mover ship over five plastic bins of miscellaneous Santa items, and I've purchased/will purchase a few more things to finish the look.

Needing a hardback version of Moore's Twas the Night Before Christmas to place on the entryway table, I sifted through Amazon looking for a cover I liked. While I was checking out the options, I stumbled upon this.

Not sure what to expect, the teacher in me was pleasantly surprised to discover it's a counting book. Santa goes from house to house on his December 24 ride and consumes lots of refreshments, thus the need to wee. 

Poor guy has to wait until he gets all the way back to the North Pole to relieve himself. That is one big bladder on the jolly old elf. Just glad there isn't a book about all of those cookies working on Santa and how he needs to poo, too!

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